How We Work

Buying Process


Find your pet

Navigate to our “Available Puppies” page, choose your puppy (or your puppy chooses you)


Know your pet

Take time to study your pet. Read the puppy description page thoroughly so as to know the baby you want to buy


Take your pet home

 click the ‘Contact Us” button . Enter all your information & make sure you give your contact phone number (cell phone) & a valid email . Once this is done, we will contact you within 24hours to confirm your order before you proceed. After successfully placing the order,, we will proceed with the paper work, and let you know which days puppies are flying if you won’t be coming to pick them up. We will book your puppy on the best possible flight & email you all the information

buying rules

We are dedicated in matching pets and families together in forever homes. Buyers must be at least 21 years old to buy a puppy.

Be able to spend the time and resources necessary to provide the training, medical treatment and proper care for your pet.

about us

We breed and sell top quality Yorkie puppies to Yorkie loving homes. We specialize in teacup Yorkie puppies and miniature Yorkie puppies. Our Yorkie shows the standard of the breed to the fullest since they are carefully selected to be part of our breeding program. We at Paul Shomeraised Pups takes into consideration and make sure all puppies we give out must have good health, amazing temperament and free from any genetic disorders. All our available Yorkie are vet checked with 24 hours of moving to their new homes to ensure our customers receive healthy and current on shots puppies.

what we do

If you are searching to buy a yorkshire terrier puppy whether Teacup, Tiny or Standard, look no further as you are in the right place. Click the button below to view and reserve from all our available Yorkie Puppies For Sale


At Paul Shomeraised Pups “Breeding for quality” is our motto. Our Yorkie kennel offers top quality Yorkie puppies top loving homes willing to continue to adore such a loyal breed. Our dogs show the standard of the breed to the fullest since they are carefully selected to be part of our breeding program

one of our best yorkies

our guarantee

We guarantee our puppies are free of any genetic flaws, and are 100% healthy. All our puppies are kept up to date with current shots which are given at the kennel

our pride

We are committed to keeping our clients happy. Doing this is not easy nor cheap.

our big fight

our biggest fight is to stop the cruel treatment of dogs in mass breeding operations (puppy mill) Before we give out any of our puppies, you need to assure use them for puppy mill.

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail

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